Thursday, 30 October 2014

10 things to consider when selecting a cloud computing vendor

Managed services – do you need a simple managed services provider or a cloud advisor who can also supply managed services? 
Advice – can the vendor help you evaluate which models, architectures, and technologies you should adopt? 
Flexibility – does the vendor offer terms of service that are flexible enough to ensure your organisation’s specific needs are met? 
Control – are you able to retain the amount of control you need? Are you paying just for what you need? 
Support & Reliability – does the vendor meet your support requirements? are service levels guaranteed? 
Knowledgedoes the vendor have the requisite knowledge and experience to deliver the required applications in hosted environments? do you need to integrate with other systems? Does the vendor have this expertise? 
Risk management – will the vendor minimise risk, disruption and stress? 
Data ownership – does the vendor’s terms of service enable you to retain ownership of your data where that is important? 
Geography – does the vendor offer cloud services in a suitable geographical location? e.g. data remains in Australia. 
Compliance & security - are your compliance and security requirements met by the vendor?


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft recently unveiled its new operating system, Windows 10 which is expected to be released next year.

The focus has been on the user experience based on the type of device they are using.The
Start menu returns in non-touch devices (with a traditional listing of applications as well as the Windows 8  style tiles) and Microsoft have added Task View to show all windows currently open on a desktop.

Microsoft released a technical preview in early October to collect feedback from users. The preview can be downloaded here.

In order to download the preview, it is first necessary to join the Windows Insider Program. The program is aimed at PC experts and technology professionals who are comfortable with pre-release software. Program members will receive a stream of new builds as they become available. There is also an app to provide feedback to Microsoft about the new system.

At present, it isn't clear whether Windows 10 will be released as an update or a paid upgrade.

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