Monday, 20 April 2015

Highlights from the Dell Solutions Tour 2015

On April 14th, Myriad IT attended the Dell Solutions Tour event held in Melbourne. 
Not only did we hear from Dell leaders about key trends and their vision for the future, we also learnt about the evolving workforce, software defined IT infrastructure and all the latest innovations from Dell to address cloud computing, mobility and big data.

There was a great presentation from Forrester Research about The Age of the Digital Customer focusing on how we treat customers being key to gaining a competitive advantage. We also really enjoyed hearing from Dell Customer, Walkinshaw Racing about how Dell helps them address the unique technology challenges of running the Holden Racing Team, from in car telemetry to 3D printing of parts.

Here's a list of some of the things we think looked pretty cool:

Dell XC Series of Web-scale Hyper-converged Appliances

These appliances integrate Dell's x86 server platform with Nutanix software to consolidate compute and storage enabling application and virtualisation teams to quickly and simply deploy new workloads. Capacity & performance can be expanded one node at a time making them suitable for all enterprises regardless of size.

Key features:
  • Hyper-converged - seamless integration of server and storage in a self healing system
  • Software defined - Services are delivered through software using reliable Dell hardware
  • Scaleable 
  • Extensive automation & analytics
  • Intuitive & powerful graphical user interface

XPS 15 Touch Screen Laptop 

If you are in the market for a new laptop then this one is worth a look. Very light, powerful and an ultra sharp screen. Looks pretty good too.
Then again, Dell will be refreshing its PC/laptop range when Intel release the new Seagate chip in September, so some might prefer to wait.

We also liked the Dell universal dongle which replaces the need for multiple adaptors.

Dell Storage
Dell has long been known for its reliable storage solutions and has recognised the challenges many organisations face with the exponential growth in data volume.The newest addition to the suite of storage solutions is the SC4020 which is designed to extend the advantages of enterprise storage to small and mid-sized deployments. It offers the same advanced auto-tiering and virtualised storage features as enterprise storage but in a compact, affordable format.

Next generation firewalls
Dell has introduced the next generation of firewall with Dell SonicWALL. These firewalls enable an organisation to:
  • Consolidate network security functionality - reduces infrastructure expense and complxity
  • Increased security & improved security efficiency
  • Activate features as needed
  • Quickly and easily install and manage
In terms of stopping power, the product offers superiority over point products. It shares and correlates internally the findings of individual countermeasures and then coordinates a response. In the past this type of response would have required manual integration among disparate products.

The product has been independently tested by Network World with excellent results achieved for Next Generation and SSL Decryption performance.

Myriad IT is a Dell Preferred Partner. We'd be happy to help with any queries about virtualisation, storage, security and hardward. Contact Us.

Myriad IT - 20th April 2014